Fav person in one of my fav places. (at Saunton Sands)

How I spent my day #POTD

How I spent my day #POTD

I spent most of my day playing with these two dolls… Oh and my wife and an anti natal class person.

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New website launch

Just launched a new site for Christian Aid called Change Alliance.

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Royal Academy of Music #POTD

Royal Academy of Music #POTD

Today was a great day as I got to work on a shoot with my brother which we’ve not done for many many years and it was really great.

It was nice to work in such an effortless fashion which only happens when you are used to working with each other. The shoot itself was simple enough and we got through it with some great footage.

Made me appreciate how much I like working with my bro.

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Again I find myself in what feels like an unrelenting onslaught of work for which I am very…

Again I find myself in what feels like an unrelenting onslaught of work for which I am very grateful but I am looking forward to the time when Ruth will be able to help with project management.

  1. See For Yourself site Tearfund
  2. Tearfund Emergency site
  3. RL at Home site updates
  4. The Open Door Venue site
  5. Cast Ireland site – just launched but updates needed
  6. Ted Smith Site
  7. Shiva Zargham site
  8. Startouch…

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#Ominous looking sky this evening.


We are a GO on babies!

We are a GO on babies!

BothBabies-11-Week-ScanAND IT’S TWINS!

After a VERY long, painful, emotional and arduous journey Ruth and I are so happy to let the world know that in October, two tiny shiny new Robinson’s will be making their debut.

This past Wednesday we went in to Queen Charlottes for Ruth’s 11 week scan and we were both able to breathe out the biggest sigh of relief as we saw and heard our babies. Both twins are doing really well…

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Ten Years Blogging Yo!!

Ten Years Blogging Yo!!


I started my first ever blog post with the title “Welcome to ma website Yo!!” It seems fitting to mark the tenth anniversary of my blogging life.

While most of the older posts make me want to shove my fist in my mouth as I appreciate how much of a dork I used to be. All the past relationships, the manic rants, the forlorn prose all point towards the simple success of this blog and what I started…

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Super simple studio #nwnlc14 #POTD

Super simple studio #nwnlc14 #POTD

Bracing myself for tomorrow’s shoot in the Harrogate conference centre furnace aka my studio for the day.

Two years ago we had a more complex set up with 4 redheads that made the room even hotter. This year the setup is MUCH simpler.

Should be good!


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Love Ireland

LOOOOOOOVE this video.

Stobart/Jordan birthday party. #POTD

Celebrating 100 years of life with Simon and Miriam Stobart along with Tommy Jordan.

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Looking up #POTD

Things are looking up for the Robinsons. We’re trying to be more positive and so trying to think…

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Under sink storage #POTD

Inspired by this pin, I was on a mission this morning to sort the mess that was our under-sink…

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